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Yago School celebrates the entrance of the Chinese New Year in style

The good rain knows the season,

when spring is happening,

and the wind submerges in the night,

And the humidity is silent.

With these verses of the great Chinese poet Dufu, who lived during the Tang dynasty, we started the Chinese new year at Yago School. The spring rain brings buds of hope to this beautiful season as the children have brought a wonderful celebration of the Chinese New Year to Yago School. This is the year of the rat that means the restart of the wheel of the twelve animals that make up the Chinese zodiac, and that brings with it both ingenuity and agility, the main characteristics of the rat.
The students of the bilingual international school of Seville, Yago School have shown great enthusiasm and interest in the celebration of this event throughout the week. From the hand of Ms. Shulin, the two-year-olds (I2) of our bilingual nursery Yago School Nursery used cards of all colors to make beautiful collages, shaping fantastic dragons. Even the little ones of only one year (I1), made traditional Chinese hats with the help of their teachers.

In Infant, the kids have gone deeper into the traditions of this celebration, also making a dragon with the collage technique, and learning other curiosities such as how the Chinese decorate their homes with red and gold objects, that they stick “chunlian” on the sides of the doors, hang lanterns, and give away “hongbao” (red envelopes with money), families gather together for dinner all together, watch the television program “Chunjie wanhui” that is broadcasted worldwide, enjoy the firesworks, etc.

In Primary and Secondary, students prepared with great interest the assembly on Friday, which this year coincided with the lunar new year’s eve, preparing beautiful Chinese crafts like dragons, lanterns, firecrackers, folded fans and traditional Chinese paintings. The Concert Hall, specially decorated for this event, even housed a dragon made up of 160 paper triangles made by a Primary3 child, which reinforces the enthusiasm and expectations of the children for the Chinese New Year.

The third and fourth of primary students opened and closed the act by singing a song and representing with typical dances the farewell to the year that ends and facing the challenges of the new year that begins.
Subsequently, two senior students who had researched the celebration took part in the assembly by screening a presentation explaining the customs and culture of the Chinese New Year, its history, the taboos of the festival, etc.

The fantastic intervention of brothers Pablo and Andrés González, who surprised everyone with an extraordinary Kung Fu exhibition, deserves special mention. Congratulations on your skill in this martial art.

In addition, some students of P4B and P4A dressed for this occasion danced typical choreographies of this celebration.

And, like every year, we couldn’t miss one of the essential parts of this celebration: the writing of “chunlian”. Ms Ji and Ms Wang selected students who wrote Chinese characters fluently and masterfully, showing us an ancient Chinese tradition. Finally, Ms. Clerkin, our Head of Global Languages, chose and presented a diploma and a small gift to the best crafts.

It is a great pride to have such special students in the School who take advantage of the exclusive training in Chinese that Yago School offers them. This past year, we have learned a lot from the Chinese culture and language. In the Year of the Rat, we hope our students will continue to shine even more.

We thank the Chinese department for its involvement in this activity. The result speaks for itself: children from 1 to 16 years old motivated to learn more about this millenary culture and to show their classmates how well they speak, write and understand such a relevant language in our time.

We wish you all a Happy New Year!

这是中国唐代伟大的诗人杜甫的诗句。春雨带来希望的萌芽,在这个好时节里,yago school的孩子们引来了鼠年的春节春节周庆祝活动。鼠年,是十二生肖里新一轮的开始,鼠在十二生肖中代表了机智和灵敏。
Yago School的孩子们在中国新年周的庆祝活动中,表现出了极大的热情和兴趣。在我们的nursery部门,i2s的孩子们用颜色不一的卡纸,拼贴出造型各异的龙。甚至一岁的小朋友都亲手参与装饰了老师帮助他们制作的中国传统帽子。
在我们的Infant Department,孩子们在本周的中文课上,学习了中国新年的传统,他们了解到中国春节来临之际,人们用红色和金色装饰自己的家,贴春联,挂灯笼,送红包,家人一起吃团圆饭,看春节晚会,放烟花等等。也制作了彩色的拼贴龙。
今年的农历新年夜碰巧是我们的Assembly庆祝活动的这一天,在2020年一月二十四号周五下午,我们学校的Infant Department和Primary Department,聚在学校的礼堂,观看了孩子们精心准备的节目。三年级和四年级的学生合唱了歌曲,送别,作为开场的节目,寓意送别过去的一年,迎接新的挑战。接着,来自初中的两位同学,他们通过自己收集资料和研究,制作了一个ppt,并给所有的孩子们讲解了关于中国新年的习俗和文化以及节日的禁忌等等。接着,Pablo和Andrés两兄弟给我们表演了功夫,这也是第一次Yago的孩子们在现场看到功夫表演,我们都觉得很幸运和骄傲,为学校拥有如此优秀和特别的学生。接着,p4b和p4a的女孩子们给我们表演了两个热情洋溢的舞蹈。以及每年春节必不可少的节目,写春联。由Ms Ji和 Ms Wang选出写汉字优秀的学生们,为我们展示了写春联这个传统。最后,Ms tory宣布了今年春节活动中,最特别和优秀的六位手工制作者,并给他们颁发了证书和奖品,表达了汉语部门对他们的鼓励。过去的一年我们收获了知识和成长,付出了很多努力,在鼠年,期待所有的孩子们都在新的一年再创辉煌。祝大家新春快乐!

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