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We would like to show you these videos in which you can see the pillars of our educational project and the aspects we work on with the little ones firsthand, as well as get to know us even better.

They are a great gateway to what happens in our magnificent facilities every day!

In our Nursery, students begin their journeys. Our bilingual Nursery School receives students from the age of four months into this privileged space with a multitude of amenities and highly qualified teachers who begin to work with them to bring out the best versions of themselves from the first day.

Emotional development and early stimulation is of vital importance in this first stage; we form our students in an environment of affection, respect, joy and discipline in order to create emotionally strong and self-confident children.


We know well that gross motor skills favor the physical and mental health of our children, in addition to providing multiple benefits indirectly to the other areas of their development. In addition, having a good reference will be key for this age group.


When students reach the Senior School in Infant 3, we continue learning in English and we continue working on their emotions; we watch over their well-being and happiness, as well as give continuity to the learning of values. The development of skills and the acquisition of languages, such as English and Chinese, continue to be a priority and they begin in this new stage using STEM methodologies, through experiments, programming and robotics, as well as the Entusiasmat math program. Music plays an essential role and our little ones begin to develop practical skills that will open doors for them, such as public speaking!

In short, we develop the maximum potential of each student in a unique and bilingual environment, providing an excellent education that prepares our students for the future!


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