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Yesterday, Yago School hosted the first educational concert of the academic year and it was a huge success. Keeping in line with Yago School’s way of thinking, throughout the academic year Yago School will organize a series of concerts with one main aim – to transmit our passion for music and that our pupils can participate in our shows as part their curriculum

didactic concert music

On this occasion we had the great honour of hosting a concert which included performances by the Big Band called the ‘Grow Together band’ which was made up of 25 musicians, the singer Alejandro Vega, a group of very talented young musicians which included one of our own students Iván Mora as well as a string quartet from the Seville Symphony Orchestra.


The show was organized by Mr. John Durant, a new addition to our team as Head of Music who comes with a glowing CV. Not only does he play the clarinet, he’s also a saxophonist and piano player, as well as being a member of the Birmingham Philharmonic Orchestra, an occasional member of the Vienna Symphony Orchestra and author of a piano book for the prestigious Oxford University.

didactic concert presentationdidactic concert

Also, during the evening Ms. Valentin, our Head of Logistics, informed guests about our School of Music, an extracurricular activity which will include a variety of new activities and methodology.

So, with this great show attended by many parents, students and family members we marked the debut of our concert programme which will without a doubt be magnificent!

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