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practical learning in Yago School

At Yago School children learn differently thanks to Practical Learning!

In Maths they learn following the methodological guidelines of cooperative learning and Inquiry Based Learning: open questions and small stimuli enhance the logical-mathematical reasoning of our pupils, who lead their own learning through cooperation and teamwork.

In Physics and Chemistry they learn the Periodic Table with a more practical approach, looking for information about the elements to see where they can be found, deepening its meaning and creating their own periodic tables for the laboratory.

practical learning in Yago School

Practical learning at Yago School

practical learning in Yago School Geologypractical learning in Yago School maths

In Geography and History they are doing a project about how to carry out and interpret an environmental impact assessment.

In Biology they are doing microbiology projects in the laboratory, identifying bacteria and other microorganisms with microscopes and acting as teachers for other courses, to show them the knowledge they gained.

practical learning in Yago School Plasticspractical learning in Yago School ICT

In ICT pupils learn robotics, programming and even cinema!

According to Dale’s Learning Pyramid we learn and remember 95% of what we say and do, so at Yago School one of our mottos is, ‘Do it yourself!’


“I see and I forget

I hear and I remember

I do and I understand” – Confucious

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