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The Yago School Infant Department from celebrating Easter before students happily hopped home for their well-deserved Easter Spring Break.

The day began with a funny Wake and Shake, which was a moment to introduce children to many popular Easter symbols, including our good friend “The Easter Bunny”.

After tales of our favorite famous rabbit, students were able to create their own versions of our four-legged friend with pastel colored paint and soft cotton to add the finishing touch.  Once students finished their snacks, they were surprised to find many stations set up around the playground with different activities and games for all ages and levels.

The children were able to frolic from one station to another, completing Easter puzzles, coloring Easter eggs, hopping from spot to spot like bunnies, doing egg races with spoons, and pinning the tail on the Easter Bunny.

Great fun was had by all – and that was not the end of the event!

As the activities wrapped up, students were broken up by class and they excitedly followed their tutors to get ready for lunch. After they went with the teachers around the Yago School campus in search of Easter eggs hidden there by their furry friend.   The children squealed with glee as they uncovered colorful eggs under rocks, in trees and in all kinds of mysterious places.  Students worked together so that everyone was able to find an egg and they spent the rest of the afternoon comparing their colorful treats before saying goodbye to their friends for the holidays.  Happy Easter!





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