Infant – Private nursery school Sevilla

Active learning in a creative and stimulating environment.

The school’s teaching team has developed its own educational project in the Infant stage with the aim of achieving a complete and comprehensive education of pupils based on hands-on, meaningful, active and playful learning. In the necessary subjects, textbooks have been created as a complement to their learning.

Our pupils have been our constant reference when it comes to specifying the contents and designing activities.

We are convinced that this educational approach helps to further develop the skills and abilities of students in early childhood education

Our projects include the following characteristics:


The globalisation of content through activities that allow starting from familiar learning situations the child knows.


Continuous assessment and systematic observation of the achievements and capacities of each child, to know in each moment the degree of maturity reached and to prevent possible difficulties.


Autonomous and cooperative work of each child, through suggestive activities that allow the child to become an individual and also a member of a community. To carry out these activities we use the tools offered by the current digital environment. They are resources that help us in the teaching-learning process in an intuitive, playful and integrated way.


Observation and exploration of their physical, natural, social and cultural environment, helping to foment knowledge and understanding of reality, and critical participation with it. In addition, our children will be able to experience the concepts that are worked on in the classroom within the environment that the school gives us.


The use of the English language as an instrument of communication and representation in a climate of trust and acceptance. The teacher, during the teaching-learning process, offers many opportunities for dialogue, as well as to relate, discover and explain facts, emotions and real or imaginary experiences.

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Our main priority in the second cycle of Infant is concentrated on the emotional development of all of our students, in order to build a foundation on which to acquire solid intellectual development. Our modern educational project is based on five pillars that provide the means to achieve our purpose: to form strong and happy children qualified to face the challenges that arise in the future.

Infant education is one of the most important stages within the educational process, as it is the basis for the development of the personalities of our children. Our project aims to provide a comprehensive education that will enable our pupils to develop their intelligences, working on an individual basis, the activities are carried out in small groups and always in an atmosphere that values play and respect.

Our objectives are:

  • To develop each child’s physical, intellectual and social potential to the maximum at the appropriate time, using an effective and active methodology.
  • For our students to be free to make choices, autonomous, critical, imaginative and happy so that they see the world as it is, discover how it should be and are able to find the means to transform it.
  • To work upon the individual development of each child at the same time respecting their autonomy and uniqueness.
  • To promote social education through tools such as: communication, collaboration, and responsibility.
  • All of the above are conducted in a pleasant and stimulating school-family friendly atmosphere, which facilitates learning and the acquisition of habits, and contributes to the good development of our pupil’s personality and their freedom to exercise responsibly.

The methodology is dynamic and participatory, in which the teacher is a model and a mediator of the educational process.

Using the method of language immersion, students use English naturally at the same time as they develop their skills in their mother tongue. With this objective, the presence of the English in the infant stage is up to 70% of the school day.

All the children learn about technology, firstly in the classrooms, which are all well equipped with cutting-edge technology: laptops, interactive digital whiteboards, projectors with fibre optics supplying 100 MG. From four years old (I4), they also use the IT suite especially prepared for their first lessons of ICT. In these lessons our students are especially encouraged to be active in their own learning.

Values, as a key pillar of our Project, have great importance in Infant. We work on a very wide range of virtues and values that we work transversally. Once a month we choose a particular value to concentrate upon and by the end of the month, we meet in our Infant Assemblies to draw conclusions about what we have learnt.

Music is another of the great pillars of our school. It forms a unique part of our Project and carries great weight because of its fundamental contribution to the complete development of the child. This subject, full of expressiveness, suggestion and evocation, is eminently active, global and inclusive, and has such a positive impact on the child providing a source of energy, activity, movement, joy and play. The teaching is centred around the interconnected areas:

  • Vocal training, developing the possibilities of the voice as an instrument of expression and as a musical instrument, using vocal techniques and a large number and variety of songs.
  • Aural training, responding to the development of perception and expression. (Parameters of the sound, auditory discrimination, etc.)
  • Rhythm training, stimulating responses to music through dance and movement, as well as the development of the body schema and special temporal notions.

Instruments from the children’s Orchestra have great importance in the classes. Instead of being part of an audience pupils are able to actively play instruments. As music begins to become part of the students, their motivation increases exponentially.

In Physical Education (PE) we work on the development of the gross motor skills through the practice of traditional games and our Brain Gym programme. This programme stimulates the connection of the two sides of the brain using circuits which include a series of basic movement patterns and hand coordination exercises. The main objective of this course is to encourage the abilities of the child in order to achieve greater control over their body. It is very important that students reach a mature level in their gross motor skills, as so they can attain optimal intellectual development.

Yago School boasts a team of teachers who are highly competent, and have a deep knowledge of and interest in new educational and anthropological trends and advances. Within the Infant Department we have many specialist subject teachers, such as in Music, Chinese, Physical Education, ICT (Information & Computer technology). The Chinese and English, as well as Physical Education, classes are always taught by native speaking teachers.

Our programme focuses its efforts at this stage on fostering an atmosphere of trust that will help the children to adapt perfectly to the school, create habits that will be a solid base for their future development and enhance their autonomy and sense of responsibility.