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As you probably know, this is the third year of the implementation of the Finnish anti-bullying program at Yago School. For us and for our children, being “Kiva” represents safety, strength and courage.

Today, we were lucky enough to have Blanca López Catalán with us during the school day. She is a professor at the University of Olavide and an official Kiva trainer, trained right at the University of Turku, the university where this wonderful program was born.


The day started with the observation of our trainer in the classroom during our Kiva sessions. We believe that these observations are the best way we have to learn and keep improving. Our children had a great time as always. Blanca was able to have fun with them, and was able to observe firsthand how the work over these past few years is having an effect. She bore witness to empathic children, capable of expressing their emotions and ready to help others.

After these sessions, Blanca met with the Kiva team. This is the team responsible for the most direct intervention in the event of an unfavorable situation impeding proper development of our students. The Kiva team, formed by Mr. Valverde (School Manager), Ms. Domínguez (Secondary Coordinator), Ms. Martínez (Elementary Coordinator), Mr. Rodríguez (Elementary Teacher), Ms. Marta Navarro (Therapeutic Pedagogue, Counselling Department) and Ms. Natalia (Head of Counselling Department), was able to reflect on daily practices and set improvement objectives for the implementation of the program.

Our school parents also received a “Parent School” focused on getting to know the program, but above all working to identify real harassment situations and, most importantly, learning how to accompany our children in this process . One thing became clear to us, which is the importance of collaboration between family and school in order to improve any situation that may be affecting children.

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Finally, and to end the day, our teachers received training in order to answer questions, share good practices and reflect on a topic that concerns us all so much. It is important for our students see us as accessible and feel that we can help them. Our teaching staff was very involved, as always, and show their eagerness to continue improving day by day.

After this long fulfiling day, I would like to thank Blanca for her commitment to Yago School and her complete willingness to work with not only our children, but our parents or teachers. Thank you, Blanca, for making us grow with Kiva.

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