International baccalaureate in Seville

The International Bilingual College of Seville Yago School has recently obtained authorization to teach the International Baccalaureate Diploma Program. In this way, it consolidates its educational project and is part of the exclusive IB World Schools.

Yago School belongs to a global community of international schools committed to the formation of young people who are supportive, informed and eager for knowledge, who will be ready to face their future successfully and contribute to creating a better world.

The Yago School from Seville will lead a demanding and high-quality educational project with a clear international seal also endorsed by the American accrediting agency Western Association of Schools and Colleges (WASC).

bachillerato internacional en Sevilla con Yago School

International Baccalaureate Diploma Program.

International baccalaureate in Seville

The IB Diploma Program (International Baccalaureate) offers excellent preparation for college and adult life; provides a balanced educational offer by instilling in students a very positive attitude towards learning; fosters an international mentality and emphasizes its physical, intellectual, emotional and ethical development; It includes an external evaluation system, with wide recognition by the main universities in Spain and the world.

bachillerato internacional

For those who do not know this system well, the Diploma Program of this Baccalaureate includes a real preparation course for the university of two years, with an external exam, common to all IB students in the world and subject to a standardized assessment worldwide, which gives it recognition to access the best universities around the world, including the network of public and private universities in Spain.

International baccalaureate in Seville

Students have to study six subjects and perform three core components or subjects: the Theory of Knowledge, philosophically based that encourages critical reflection; CAS, activities and projects related to the areas of Creativity, Action and Service; and develop a Monograph of 4,000 words on a topic that interests them to investigate. A very complete training that demands perseverance and effort for a job well done.

What is the International Baccalaureate student like?

  • Inquirer
  • Informed
  • Instructed
  • Thinker
  • Reflexive
  • Communicator
  • Bold
  • Balanced
  • Honest
  • Full
  • Critical thinking
  • Open and international mentality
bachillerato internacional en sevilla

Precisely, one of the features that best defines the international character of Yago School is the importance that the school gives to English as the main language of the School, and to the second foreign language of Chinese, which make up its identity and that have made it a center Cambridge examiner and Hanban Institute. Few are the Colleges that can certify a B1 level in 6th Primary, a B2 in 2nd Secondary, between a C1 level (Certificate of Advanced English) and C2 (Proficiency) in 4th Secondary by the University of Cambridge, and a level HSK 2-3 in Chinese, an excellent passport to study and live in the interconnected and globalized world of the 21st century.

Yago School is confirmed as an extraordinary and competitive model of international education that integrates pedagogies and learning strategies of enormous international recognition to grow students in the values and knowledge essential to live and develop professionally in the society of the 21st century.

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