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Yago School

Yago School begins work on the new office building.


Yago School, Seville  began the construction of a new building to meet the demands of their student growth and the necessary expansion of their spaces that will be operational in June 2018.


The School in Seville has been investing in facilities, equipment and human resources since it began in 2010 and commemorated this symbolic act by placing the first stone of the new building with the national basketball coach and trainer Javier Imbroda.

This project, according to sources from the Sevillian school, is “the most significant one that has been carried  out in the last 8 years”, although it has not transcended the amount already invested.

Yago School

The project foresees the construction, in Antonio Mairena Street, Castilleja de la Cuesta, of a two-story building with an area of 927 square meters on a plot of 430 metres, which will house the management and  administration offices, customer services,  reception, concierge, a shop, a first aid centre, staff room and a magnificent multimedia library.

The planned construction period for the work is 8 months and the building is expected to be operational in June 2018.

In addition, the School continues its plan for the renovation and refurbishment of the rest of its teaching facilities in order to offer students a more challenging and rewarding educational experience that will extend their learning opportunities throughout the campus.

Yago School takes this opportunity to express its gratitude to the parents who from the beginning have shown so much confidence and enthusiasm towards their educational project.


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