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As well as school and family we believe that travelling abroad is also a great stimulus for growing up. Often, we are not aware of the benefits children receive when they spend time away from the family unit, but once they become adults those who have enjoyed this experience regard it as having had a highly positive effect on their lives.

In order to achieve mastery of the English language, we offer our students the possibility of studying for a month, two months or a full term, in this prestigious British school.


Yago School has an exclusive agreement with Riddlesworth, an excellent English school where Diana Princess of Wales was educated.

Located to the Northwest of London, just 45 minutes from Stansted Airport, it boasts 35 acres of land, tennis courts, a rugby pitch, a large forest and adjoining facilities that give the opportunity to students start horse riding. The school also has its own boarding facilities which students reside in during their stay.

We believe that the experience of learning in an English school is an opportunity not to be missed, there is no doubt it will help them open their minds to other cultures, develop their autonomy, meet other children and, of course, practice English.

Riddlesworth Hall School is part of the largest private educational group in China, CIEG (CONFUCIUS INTERNATIONAL EDUCATION GROUP), which offers our students interesting ways of participating in exchange programmeswith schools in China to implement English and Chinese at the same time.

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