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This week we had the privilege of attending the interactive museum assembled by students of the Yago School enrichment program whose focus of interest has revolved around EGYPT.

The educational enrichment program developed by Yago School is an activity that does not replace the official curricular program, but complements and enriches it, providing students with deeper opportunities in different areas of knowledge through experimentation, research and creation, in line with our active educational methodologies.

The participants in this project, students from Primary 1 to Secondary 3, have developed skills and competences such as the ability to express their own ideas, the ability to work in a team with creativity and flexibility and, above all, they have learned a lot about that civilization.

For this reason, over 4 days they showed us the results of this project, in the spectacular interactive museum in the Concert Hall where all the students of the School had the luck to learn about the rituals, social organization, structure and life of Ancient Egypt through the 7 spaces or workshops guided by groups of students.

Scale models made by our 3D printers, drawings, plays, smells, sounds, their own documentary, hieroglyphics, gods, customs, beliefs, ways of life, geography, mathematics, physics, oratory … There is no doubt that working in a transversal way strengthens knowledge.

It is well known that Yago School has been focusing on active and project-based learning for some time. Undoubtedly education in Spain must incorporate many more practical methodologies, and guide students to be inquirers, observers, thinkers, good communicators, open-minded, bold, supportive, balanced, reflective and have integrity as promoted by the most prestigious international schools in the world such as Yago School.

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