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In addition to distance learning, DP1 students have started a wonderful online volunteering activity. Students at this stage should not only be concerned with obtaining the best academic results, but also with developing their emotional, ethical and intellectual potential to the fullest.

Enmarcado dentro de sus proyectos CAS (Creatividad, Acción y Servicio) del Bachillerato Internacional, los alumnos han descubierto que las posibilidades para cooperar son enormes, incluso a distancia, como obliga esta crisis sanitaria.


As part of their International Baccalaureate CAS (Creativity, Action and Service) projects, students have discovered that the possibilities for cooperation are plenty, even at a distance as this health crisis demands.

They have set up “La Oliva Project”, with a 100% solidarity goal, an initiative that is based on helping Father James.

It fulfils the main objectives of a CAS project: the students are demonstrating creativity in the choice and definition of the activity, creation of the logo and the website; communication skills in the development of the project and its communication through Instagram; perseverance and commitment to the Parish and the Alba Project; teamwork ability, perfectly coordinated in actions and communications; and a commitment to solidarity with a sector of the population that needs help, especially in this situation.

Each student has assumed a responsibility and function freely and altruistically according to their characteristics and the personal challenge they have set for themselves.

This project is the first they have launched on their own initiative and inspired and accompanied at all times by The Yago Foundation, a foundation to which they have been very committed for years and in which all the students of the school participate.

We feel very proud of them, students of integrity and committed to helping others.  We encourage you to follow this program closely as we are sure it will give us a lot of satisfaction. Congratulations guys!


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