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Yago School cooperativo

Ms Jaw with Johnson siblings

At school we are committed to innovative and practical methodologies. One of the most popular is cooperative work and to be able to apply it effectively our teaching staff has to train with the best specialists.

Yago School’s primary teacher Miss Jaw studied cooperative work in Bilbao and says she is even more convinced that it is the kind of methodology that has to be applied in today’s teaching.

Although we believe that we have discovered something new, cooperative work has been around for more than 100 years, since it was in 1889 that studies and research began on this way of working in the classroom.

Alumnos de Yago School trabajan cooperativo

We are accustomed to seeing children spend many hours in the classroom, sitting, learning information from memory that they will later regurgitate in the exam. Until now, it was the teacher who had the active role in this type of learning. But cooperative work, on the contrary, fosters the role of the learner as an active figure of their own learning, the teacher being a guide and facilitator. This form of work not only focuses on the academic content necessary for pupils, but also on the development of their social skills.
Interaction, active listening, interpersonal skills, and individual and group responsibility are some of the elements that are revealed when we work in this way.

Pupils seek a common benefit both for themselves and for their group, they know that the result is a reflection not only of individual work but also of the group’s, and they are proud and celebrate the results together.

It is about educating people who are able to work with all kinds of people, who trust in others and demonstrate that they can be trusted, that can listen and be heard, that know how to lead and be led. After all, our way of working with others affects our performance and our happiness at work and the more responsible, liked and kind our pupils, the more job opportunities they will have.

Yago School y el trabajo cooperativoThis course was organized by Javier Bahón, Co-director of the Center for Cooperative Learning, in partnership with David and Roger Johnson, certified trainers at the National Center for Teaching Thinking (NCTT) in Boston, on the team of Dr. Robert Swartz, and author of the program Learn to Think, of the Savia project of the SM publishing house, which left this message for our children:


Speakers on the course were the brothers Johnson and Johnson, two of the world’s leading experts in Cooperative Learning and directors of the Cooperative Learning Institute, who came to Bilbao from Minnesota to be able to give this course in the flesh. Brothers David and Roger Johnson, two of the world’s leading experts in Cooperative Learning and directors of the Cooperative Learning Institute,

We already enjoy cooperative work.


“Either we swim together, or we all sink”

Congratulations Ms. Jaw!


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