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Día de la Madre 2018 en Yago School

Mother’s Day in Spain is celebrated on the first Sunday of May, in the month dedicated to the Virgin.

We could say that Mother’s Day is a holiday celebrated in honor of mothers from all over the world, on different dates depending on the year.  Curiously enough, ancient Romans called this celebration “Hilaria” when they acquired it from the Greeks.

Last Friday May 4th, we wanted to invite all mothers from Infant 3 to Primary 4 to Yago School to show them, through many activities, just how much we love them.  After all, the best gift that a mother could wish for is to spend time with her family and receiving hugs and kisses from their sons and daughters.

Robert Browning defined maternity as a place “where all love begins and ends” and, we must agree, that unconditional love like that of a mother does not exist elsewhere.

THANK YOU for giving us life and guiding us on the path to adulthood.

We love you!

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