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Yago School Movilízate por la Selva

Yago School is participating in the “Movilízate por la Selva” campaign, which tries to encourage the recycling of mobile phones to protect African ecosystems.

The Science Department has joined Yago School in the educational program Roots and Shoots from the Jane Goodall Institute which was founded in 1977. Since then, Dr. Goodall continues to work intensely on the protection of ecosystems and biodiversity, environmental education and sustainability in our way of life.

It is known that most citizens keep or throw away their old mobiles and the recycling rate is lower than 10%. Globally, there are more than 7 billion mobiles in use, which means there is a great demand for key minerals for their manufacture. For instance, the exploitation of coltan and cassiterite is at the heart of the war that produces millions of victims and refugees in the Democratic Republic of the Congo. Illegal mining exploits child labor or slavery-like situation, destroying also the habitats of many species such as chimpanzees and gorillas, in serious danger due to poaching and deforestation. Hence, it is so important to recycle minerals from old mobile phones.

Yago School received a speaker from the Jane Goodall Institute. She gave a talk about the campaign Movilízate por la Selva.

Therefore, we encourage you to help us with this initiative by bringing your old mobile phones before June 19th to school. For every 30 phones we deliver we will earn sponsorship for one year for one of the chimpanzees at the Tchimpounga Rescue Center in Congo.

Let’s see how many of us are able to sponsor!

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