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Last Saturday, April 29 will be etched into the minds of the families and children who take Religion in Primary 4, after they celebrated their First Communion at the school.

Primeras comuniones en Yago School

The sports hall became a temple to celebrate such an important day in the lives of the little ones. The moving ceremony was officiated by Father James, chaplain of the school, who, with the help of Miss Martinez, prepared them to receive the body of Christ for the first time during their years of catechesis. The children participated in the Mass by doing the readings, petitions, offerings and thanksgiving.

YagoSchool-PrimerasComunionesPrimeras Comuniones en Yago SchoolPrimeras Comuniones-Yago School

The celebration was attended by the extraordinary Yago School Choir, led by Mr. Durant with the collaboration of Mr. Vega, composed of almost 60 wonderful voices and accompanied by 5 magnificent musicians among which stood out two violinists of the Seville Royal Symphony Orchestra, Vladimir Dimitrenko and Jill Renshaw, pianist Alejandro Martínez Pozo, bassist Manuel Garcia Gutierrez and Oscar Niza Arias on drums.

Primeras Comuniones en Yago School

Everything happened in a very moving, family environment.

Even though we are a secular school, we offer the pupils who so choose the best religious education, learning to respect the freedom of conscience, religion and moral values of those who do not adhere to the Christian faith.

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