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music week

Marina López playing the violin

Every year, during the week of November 22nd, we celebrate “Music Week” at Yago School. At this time, the Music Department designs a wide program of activities related to this wonderful world that brings joy to everyone.

We commemorate the Day of Music, whose patron saint, Cecilia, “showed an irresistible attraction to the melodious chords of instruments. Her sensitive and passionate spirit for this art turned her name into a symbol of music. ” And that’s what happens to us at school. The beauty of music helps students to grow happily and develop many skills. It helps to develop language and reasoning, memorisation, coordination and perhaps more importantly, emotional literacy. It also enhances imagination and curiosity.

music weekmusic week
music weekmusic weekmusic week

This special week was full of music; students from all primary classes gave performances for parents at the end of the school day, these included a Capoeira demonstration by secondary students, a sensational performance from the Yago School Choir and an emotional quartet of little violinists who surprised us with their wonderful playing.

music weekmusic weekLong live the music!

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