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On MyYago, our families can find all relevant information related to their children’s education.

Relevant contacts

Admissions 600 782 037

Nursery 954 165 886

Reception and Secretary (School Meals, Bus Routes, Extracurricular and Events)



The Yago Foundation

Marketing & Communication


The platform allows for very fluent communication between School-Families / Families-School.
- Communicate absences in a timely manner on the same day they occur.
- Access to circulars and communications.
- Consult students' timetables.
- Registration for activities, services, parents' schools...
- Check grades and newsletters.

Redvital Salud

Management of complete health services, providing solutions to any health needs that students may have within the school environment.

Yago Classroom

Home learning platform for our students, which facilitates "Homeschooling" or "Learning at Home".

Yago Online Site

Virtual space for distance learning and communication for the educational community of Yago School, made up mainly of students - families - teachers.

Yago CAS

CAS is a central part of the Diploma Programme.

Yago Career

This blog aims to help you start navigating through the different universities and start looking at the different requirements and/or activities that will help you build your list and start the application process for those of you who are ready to do so.

Agreement with Zaudín for Yago School students

Metrix Golf Zaudín Academy Golf
Zaudín Tennis Club
Adrián Mora Riding

Class Dojo Nursery

Daily communications from our Nursery teachers with families through photos and direct messages. We tell you how your children are doing and what they are doing, what skills and objectives they are working on at that moment and the achievements they are making. We show you the learning process, emotions, experiences, homework...