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Last Friday, February the 16th, as it could not have been otherwise, the international bilingual Yago School celebrated the Chinese New Year. This is the year of the dog and, like every year, this event we have a very special day for all our students.


During the morning, our students made a beautiful red envelope, typical of China, in which we have put some 50 and 100 renminbi bills. It is a typical gift children receive in the celebration of Chinese New Year. The meaning of this gift is good fortune, good treasures, and congratulations throughout the year.

After the craft, all the Infant students attended their traditional Assembly in our Concert Hall which was beautifully decorated by the Chinese department. We watched a video that introduced us to the culture, habits, food and legends about the New Year and the 12 Chinese horoscopes.

After the video and the assembly in which our students participated and enjoyed learning about Chinese culture, Primary students took the stage to delight us with several songs.

3newyeardecorationcraft3Practising Chinese calligraphy

The Primary 2B students, represented the song Wo he ni, (You and me). It’s the 2008 Olympic song in Beijing. The concept of “family world” has been given to children.

A famous song of the group “TFboys”, Qing chun xiu lian shou ce, was represented by Primary 2C students. It´s a song full energy and happiness, our infant children enjoyed it´s great vitality. Https://

The Primary 1 students sang the Happy New Year song – xin nian hao, expressing the good wishes of the new year.

To finish, the Primary 3 students represented the lion dance with masks that Secondary students had made in Art classes for this day. The lion dance is an important element and representative image of the Chinese New Year. The lion is the statue of the beasts, it represents majesty and courage. The ancients considered it a symbol of courage and strength, believing that it would demonize evil and bless people and animals. Therefore, people gradually introduced the habit of dancing lions at the New Year Festival and other important events to pray for good fortune and peace throughout the country.


During morning playtime we painted the children´s faces as puppies. The dog horoscope represents friendliness, energy and intelligence. We are sure that all children will achieve all these good values and virtues during the dog new year.


At lunchtime, our cooks made us a magnificent Chinese menu consisting of: fried rice and spring rolls; it´s amazing how well our students ate it with chopsticks and how much they enjoyed this special day.


At the end of the day, Mr. Andy, our Infant PE Teacher organized a Tai chi representation with our children from Infant 4 and Infant 5. All the parents enjoyed a Tai chi session in which their children were the main characters. Tai chi is a relaxing activity that we have been practicing for a few weeks to calm down at the end of PE sessions, and our children love it!

Happy New Chinese year¡Feliz Año Nuevo Chino del Perro!

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