New Technologies

«The science of today is the technology of tomorrow.»
– Edward Teller –

The YProject

One of the five fundamental pillars of Yago School is educating in the use of Information Technology, since we consider that thisis a fundamental tool within current society. These must be absolutely integrated into teaching-learning processes and it is our duty to be at the forefront of the development of education technologies.

For this reason, P5, P6 and Secondary students, where they have the maturity to face this challenge, will work with mobile devices (iPad) in One to One mode. At the beginning of the course the parents and pupils of these courses will sign the rules ofuse and lease of their mobile devices.

In addition, the pupils of Infant and the first two cycles of Primary will work with iPads in the classroom environment individually or collectively through workshops or work corners.

Through the use of iPads we will implement new methodologies and improve learning processes, allowing our pupils to work with devices that respond to the educational needs of a constantly evolving technological environment.