Nursing service

At Yago School, we have a school nurse, as we believe it is very important that our school has an infirmary with a nurse who can act quickly and efficiently in case of any emergency.

We look after the welfare of our students, we care for them, and protect them. It is essential that a health professional is available during all school hours to this end.

Our nursing service provides health care and prevention.

We offer medical assistance to students with allergies, disabilities, chronic illnesses, and other pathologies, as well as in case of emergencies. At our private school in Seville, we know that it is important to provide students with education on health and self-care in addition to an academic training of exceptional quality. We are committed to putting all the information they need to know within their reach in order to lead a healthy lifestyle, a balanced diet, and a good level of physical activity to stay in shape, among other health-related topics.

Enfermera Nurse

Our nursing staff, one more figure on Yago School’s team

Our nurse is another figure integrated into the school team, and focused on attending to the health problems of the students and staying alert for any emergency that may arise at school.

We are certain that our students’ parents, as well as the teachers, feel safer thanks to our nurse.

A school nurse who develops a care plan and a plan of action in case of emergencies is necessary to ensure student safety.

The Yago School Infirmary is fully equipped and located on the ground floor of the school’s main building, next to the library. Its main functions are:


Protection, maintenance and promotion of student health.


Control of symptoms compatible with Covid-19, with subsequent monitoring of the student.


Administration of occasional medication and/or with medical prescription, always with parental authorization.


Emergency action during school hours, supported by the RedVital Salud Coordinating Medical Center.


Referrals to the Mutual Society/Hospitals when necessary.