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Ramón Resa y el Padre Juan Fernández Salvador

Another year has passed and our dear Padre Jota has visited Yago School again.  The Sevillian priest Juan Fernandez Salvador has had a close relationship with Yago School since the very beginning, when he decided to create a twin school in Hualmay, Peru. We share the same values and even the same Yago School hymn, which El Liceo Español School translated into Spanish.

Padre Juan Fernández Salvador With this annual visit we are able to bring other cultures closer to our children, since Father Jota teaches them geography, songs, customs … and a reality very different from the one our students live. In short, he tells them in person of the experiences and the day to day life of his Hualmay School in Peru, a school of more than 1000 students, all with a variety of needs that they meet with great joy.

Padre Juan Fernández Salvador We are proud and happy to help in whatever way we can. Thanks to this partnership, our children are more generous, responsible and supportive year by year.

Padre Juan Fernández Salvador Padre Jota, we are looking forward to meeting you again next year!

Padre Juan Fernández Salvador

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