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Last Thursday, May 16th, 28 Yago School students from Primary 4, 5, 6 and Secondary 1 participated in the 17th Science Fair.

Our students accompanied by the Head of the Science Department, Mr. P.Y. and by some of their teachers, Ms. White, Mr. Collins, Ms. Codina and Ms. Bell went to the Palace of Exhibitions and Congresses of Seville (FIBES) to be in charge of the Yago School stand, to visit the rest of exhibitors and to enjoy the activities planned for that day.

Our students presented their project entitled “Do the senses make sense?” The senses are our window on the world, the beginning of our understanding in all fields and the basis of our interaction with the world around us. We can all name the senses and even say what they are for, but how much do we really understand about how they work? Or in some cases, why do they fail? With these questions our students embarked on their Science Fair journey.

All the students of P4, P5 and P6, as well as some students of S1, designed their own projects to explore the world of the senses, the brain and interaction as they had never done before. The selection of the participating students was difficult because many of our students brought quality projects. We must emphasize the merit of all of them, especially those who dedicated many hours of their free time at home to elaborate their projects.


The Yago School stand was a success and we received a large number of visits. The visitors were confused by not seeing what they thought they would see or not knowing what they were touching or smelling. In short, the students had fun playing with reality. The main objective of this visit to the Science Fair was to share this fun and wonder with more people and make the audience ask questions like “is what I see real?” or “whose side is my brain on anyway?”


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