All-round development of the students and their capacity for inquiry both in class and in the world around them.

Yago School has designed an ambitious Primary education project, with the aim that the pupils, after completing this educational stage, have a comprehensive, discerning and excellent education, which is why the teaching process is enriched with a great variety of methods, and educational, cultural, sporting, artistic, humanitarian, environmental and recreational programs and activities.

One of the great strengths of the school is undoubtedly the very high communicative abilities that our pupils have in the English language. Among the objectives we pursue in the Primary stage is that children finish Primary 6 with English level B1. Also, pupils consolidate their knowledge of Chinese language and culture with 2 hours a week in all years.

The importance of languages is complemented with; Projects specific to the Spanish Language, with a program of promotion of reading and a writing workshop; Mathematics projects, where mental calculation and problem-based learning are reinforced, while multiple intelligences are developed; Drama and Public Speaking in order to equip pupils with English speaking techniques while developing their creativity and social behaviour; Values, proposed monthly and reinforced daily in Tutor time and weekly in the Assemblies, that help them to forge their ethical and moral qualities.

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The Primary education stage ranges from 6 to 12 years and has six year groups from Primary 1 to Primary 6. At this stage the curriculum is broader compared to the Infant stage and homework plays an important role in stimulating personal growth, independence and the autonomy of the student.

The fundamental objectives that we work in this stage are:

  • To educate towards the freedom and the responsibility of each student, whilst attending to their intellectual, vocational, technical, physical and social training.
  • To facilitate individualized teaching and learning processes, helping our students to achieve optimal personal development according to their abilities and skills.
  • To provide the students with the abilities and skills they will need to deal with the professional, technological and scientific challenges of the 21st century.
  • To enhance the spirit of work as a sole source to achieve knowledge, acquire study skills, learning techniques and to be able to self-evaluate.
  • To respect the attitudes and opinions of others, to develop and promote values such as honesty, respect, discipline, solidarity and other ethical, civic and social values.
  • To teach communication skills for the correct and effective use of the English language.
  • To develop the curriculum using the tools of information and communication technology.
  • To boost all school and extracurricular activities related to sport and physical education as a means to maintain a full and healthy life.
  • To highly value the figure of the teacher.

We understand that the use of English is essential today to engage in an increasingly globalized world. For this reason, bilingualism is one of the fundamental pillars of our educational project. As soon as our students join the School they are accustomed to use English as the lingua franca. 70% of our day is directed in this language. Students also have the option of doing study programmes abroad that enable them to strengthen and put into practice what they have learnt. In Primary 2, 4 & 6 children sit the external Cambridge examinations and have obtained excellent results.

We are very aware of the importance that there is nowadays, to educate our students in the use of new technologies as they are essential tools in the process of their learning and daily lives. Therefore, methodologies that integrate these tools into the daily tasks of all subjects and specifically of ICT and Design and technology are encouraged in the School. In the academic year 2014 / 2015 we have implemented the use of mobile devices- iPads One to One in Primary 5 and Primary 6 as an essential part of The YProject, a project in which we are working to encourage a methodological change adapted to the specific needs of each of our students.

Physical education is considered in our project to be a vehicle for transmitting values related to companionship, health, healthy competitiveness, effort and personal sacrifice as tools for improvement.

Primary students have a weekly meeting on Friday in the afternoon Assembly in which all of the children join in. Here they can express their experiences and opinions on the topics of the da and develop their skills of oral expression and public speaking before an audience made up of their teachers and classmates.

Each session is unique and is prepared with care by the teaching staff: the value of the month, concerts, Maths competitions, House points are awarded, magic shows, sporting events such as biathlon or gymkhanas and also seminars in which prominent day to day issues of the School are treated.