Private nursery Seville

Yago School Nursery exists because of the necessity parents have today to combine the care and education of their babies, with their working lives. Also, because of the incredibly important potential that every child between 4 months to 3 years old has, in the areas of motor skill development, language development and emotional and cognitive development.

We are very conscious that the environment where the child is during its first years plays a very important part in forming their personality. For that reason Yago School Nursery is a place that is caring, secure, comfortable, and happy and of course bilingual so that the children become very comfortable with English, it is their second language as soon as they speak their first words. We also place great importance on routines and discipline so necessary in the effective development of our children.

Our objective is to teach appropriate behaviour, rules and essential limits required for the proper development of children from a young age.

All of this in taught in a special place that is caring, secure, comfortable and happy so that the children are able to assimilate the information naturally without any difficulties.

The general areas we work on are:


Affective development


Motor Skills Development


The development of both the English and Spanish language


Control of bodily functions

All of these objectives are adapted to the individual needs of each child, so that when the time comes to go to the Senior School they will be well prepared to take that step.

No one knows better than us what abilities a child needs to have developed to be prepared at 3 years old for the second stage of their Infant education.