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FORMACIÓN Yago School con Nuria Sánchez Povedano2

At Yago School we firmly believe that education professionals need continuous training to face the changing reality of their classrooms and the new skills and needs of  their students. For this reason each year we design a very complete teacher training programme.

This academic training covers updating their technological skills (iPads, apps, robotics, 3D printing and programming), KIVA training – Playground /Classroom and Multiple Intelligences, Optometry, Neurodevelopment, Gifted Programmes and Autism courses among many others.

Yago School Nuria Sanchez Povedano

Throughout the month of September we had the privilege of receiving Nuria Sánchez Povedano, an educational, clinical and legal psychologist who offers courses and seminars at the prestigious and innovative Monserrat College in Barcelona. She specialises in the topics of Pedagogical Innovation and New Methodologies and she gave a course about early stimulation and Multiple Intelligences to our teachers.

We have also hosted Lego Education-Robotix trainers to teach our team of IT teachers in robotics and programming



Likewise, all of the staff at our international bilingual private school in Seville attended intensive training on the Finnish KiVa anti school bullying programme presented by Blanca López Catalán. The term KiVa (nice, kind, friendly, cool) is the acronym that comes from the union of the words “Kiusaamista Vastaan” (against bullying). 

In addition, Leticia Giraldo, a psychologist at the Autism Association, Seville and CAIT Scena, came to the school to raise awareness about the importance of the early detection of disorders on the autism spectrum and to show us how to work with them.

Finally, we received a visit from the optometrist, José Luis Arévalo, who taught us how to detect possible visual problems that directly or indirectly affect school performance. When a child has symptoms such as concentration deficits, headaches, excessive blinking, confusing words or poor coordination, he/she may be suffering from a number of common visual deficiencies such as vagus eye, strabismus, difficulty in focusing and coordinating the two eyes or visual fatigue, which can be remedied with a range of visual therapies and correction methods.

Beginning in October we will continue to recycle knowledge from other areas in order to provide our students with the acquisition of knowledge and skills, in short, the skills necessary to face the complex challenges of today’s changing and interconnected world.

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