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Promote reading in Primary

At Yago, the bilingual private school in Seville, we firmly believe in the importance of reading, so we promote reading with many activities in order to develop an interest in reading in our pupils.

Promote reading with the Game of Goose in Yago School

We all know how important reading is for the intellectual development of children, but also for affective and psychological development. Reading gives us the opportunity to experience feelings and sensations through which we mature, learn and enjoy ourselves. Reading books, children laugh, dream and travel.

In P3 we are encouraging children to read through the game of Goose. In P3A we have a game board on the corkboard that the children themselves designed. Each square corresponds to the cover of a popular, modern story.

Promote reading in Yago School

To play, children should voluntarily read a book, and fill in a review worksheet. When they hand in the worksheet, they can roll the dice and advance through the different spaces on the board that have prizes like, ‘Enjoy 10 minutes in the Games Corner  (we have several fun games testing intelligence), leave 5 minutes early for break, or get a longed for House Point.
Promote reading in Yago SchoolThis activity serves to strengthen the feeling of companionship, since every time someone advances on the board their classmates applaud and encourage them spontaneously and naturally. And most importantly, children are enthusiastic, highly motivated, and reading a lot of books

Promote reading in Yago School

Yago School Game of Goose

Yago School Game of Goose

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