Counselling & SEN department

The support and technical advice offered by the Orientation Department is offered to the whole educational community: pupils, teachers and families.

The Counselling Department is a specialized body that supports the work of the school in all activities aimed at ensuring a comprehensive education of pupils and the adaptation of teaching processes to the characteristics and needs of all of them.

This department has special responsibility for measures to address diversity, as well as coordinating psycho-pedagogical assessment and collaborating in the design and development of curricular adaptations directed at pupils with specific educational support needs, as well as the design, development and evaluation of various intervention programs related to attention to diversity including gifted children.

Bullying Prevention Programme: KiVa

Yago School is part of a group of exclusive schools in Spain that are implementing KiVa, the Finnish bullying prevention school program.

This innovative anti-bullying program was developed by the University of Turku (Finland) and it is the most scientifically proven anti-bullying program in the world. Currently, KiVa is present in more than 15 countries worldwide and its effectiveness has been demonstrated scientifically in different cultures. Some of the results show that children perceive a safer and happier environment (which improves the learning environment); bullying cases disappear or are reduced by around 90%; children’s anxiety levels are reduced; improvement in their attitudes and their social skills, and teachers and peers are more valued by the students themselves. In general, the evidence points to a very positive effect on school life.