Real multilingualism, one of the pillars of Yago School’s educational project

by | Jan 13, 2022 | Yago School

Idioma Francés en Yafo School

Our fourth year secondary students, Claudia and Amanda, tell us how they learn French at the school. Our educational model, based on the development of skills, is based on the educational process of each pupil and their integral development, standing out in the teaching-learning process of languages.

Experts in pedagogy and education believe that the most effective way to learn languages and motivate students is to learn in order to communicate in real life. It is not simply a matter of acquiring specific knowledge of the French language, but of knowing how to apply this knowledge to real-life situations. 

Our students have the opportunity to prepare for the prestigious official external DELF-DALF exams by the Alliance Française. This is an official diploma issued by the French Ministry of Education which certifies the French language skills of foreign candidates.

Ms. Yasmine, our native teacher, prepares them for these exams with a multitude of activities and adapted to the level of each individual student. During the course, tests are carried out to check the students’ progress and to see if they are ready to take the official exam.

Foreign languages are a prerequisite in an increasingly demanding market and therefore languages are a sure asset that open more and more doors to leisure, studies or professions. As in other countries where it is compulsory for children to master several languages, we are aware of the importance of incorporating communication skills in at least 3 or 4 foreign languages.

Experts say that mastering several languages is always enriching. They also agree that childhood is the best time to assimilate as many languages as possible; children’s brains are prepared to assimilate more than one language and this helps them to learn another language. In this way, children develop their brains in a different way, which will give them an advantage not only in language learning, but in the world of work in general.  

The reality is that mastering different languages has multiple advantages today; it opens up future job opportunities, increases self-confidence, enhances social relations, increases a child’s interest in other cultures and knowledge, and makes children more open-minded.

That is why our students, who are bilingual English-Spanish and have very good certified communicative ability in Chinese, have the option of choosing French from Secondary School onwards and achieve excellent levels in 4 languages in the last stage of Secondary School. 

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