Requirements for admission and registration renewal

A personal interview, between the parents or legal representatives of the pupil and the School’s Director of Admissions or whoever makes this decision is a sine qua non requirement for admission.

The first step is to fill in the Admission form in the following link:

Request information

Once we receive the application, we will contact parents in order to arrange a visit to the facilities and a personal interview with parents.

A personal interview with the student’s parents or legal representatives is a requirement and a sine qua non-condition.

It is required an English, Spanish Language and Mathematics tests for those students who would like to enroll in Primary, Secondary or Baccalaureate. 

* See below the access requirements for the Diploma Program of the International Baccalaureate .

* When necessary we offer interviews by Skype.

* We will ask for interviews and specific tests for students of any age with special needs.

It is an equally indispensable requirement that parents expressly accept the regulations and any other rules of the school, as well as its ideology.

The negligent omission, concealment or falsification of academic, medical-psychological, personal or social information will entitle YAGO SCHOOL to rescind the present academic enrollment if the school year has not begun. Yago, respecting the student’s right to education once the school year has begun, will be entitled to not renew enrollment for the following school year without the parents/guardians of the student having the right to the restitution of the amounts already paid in such cases.

The admissions process, including enrollment renewal, remains under the exclusive authority of YAGO school.

In the event that the student presents a learning difficulty, YAGO SCHOOL will inform the parents/guardians in order to adopt the internal or external support measures that may be necessary.

The support for special needs or linguistic reinforcement in English, Chinese or Spanish, taught inside and/or outside school hours, will have an extra monthly cost.

The management team makes the admission or non-admission decision and informs the family whether to continue with the registration process or to find another school.

If the pupil comes from a foreign educational system they are admitted according to their date of birth.

No registration will be renewed for pupils who have caused discipline problems during the school year. The decision will be communicated to parents at the end of the school year.

Registration will not be renewed for those pupils whose parents or legal representatives have outstanding amounts payable to Yago School before the end of the school year, whatever the reason.

Decisions to allocate free places are taken exclusively by the management team, at its sole discretion, and without external influence.

The parents must bring to the interview all the updated student’s psychological and academic reports as well as all the documentation and the relevant information to the child’s special needs to be able to evaluate each case independently.

The YAGO SCHOOL Orientation team will study each case and will determine the internal or external support measures that may be necessary. The special supports will have an extra cost.

A student who has special educational and/or social needs will only be admitted in the event that the School can offer them a program that meets their individual needs.

Any omission of data in the reports presented entitles Yago School to cancellate their places.

For more information consult the Special Educational Needs Policy.

Students who join the School from Primary 2 onwards are obliged to attend Support of  Chinese and Support of English or Spanish for foreigners from Primary 1 in the cases recommended by the School.


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