by | May 15, 2019 | School trips

Every year, Yago School Primary 5 students have the privilege of visiting the Naval Base at Rota.

On this occasion, both the commander of the flagship of the Spanish Navy “Juan Carlos I” C.N. Francisco José Asensi as the second commander C.F. Emilio Aceña personally welcomed our students.

“Juan Carlos I” Strategic Projection Ship is the largest warship built in Spain and takes its name from S.M. The King (q.D.g) Don Juan Carlos I. The amphibious vessel carrier has several mission profiles, provides a large amphibious and airship capacity, strategic transport and humanitarian assistance. In addition, its NATO denomination is LHD (Landing Helicopter Dock).  Yago School students, after visiting their facilities, highlighted the large airstrip where helicopters were performing training and maintenance tasks, as well as the bridge, where different officers showed them their work.

After the official photo, the students left to visit the American area where they had the opportunity to board the U.S. Air Force 7030 plane and learn about the work done by US military. Various service members highlighted our students’ high level of English and exquisite manners.

With this visit, students significantly reinforced their knowledge previously acquired in the School, thanks to the course prepared by the Ministry of Defense in order to promote a culture of peace and to highlight the work of the Armed Forces at school.



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