by | Dec 17, 2019 | Events, Volunteership

As a result of the value worked on in December, solidarity, and included on the Volunteers program led by The Yago Foundation, our Secondary 3 music students and Secondary 4 students, organized and spent a day with disabled students from the Fundación Nuestra Señora del Rocío de Triana.

The event was hosted by our Secondary 3 student Patricia Segovia who welcomed everybody. During half an hour our students sung international Christmas carols accompanied by Ms. Strada on the piano. Then Marta Moniche recited some poetry accompanied by Claudia Trigo on the piano and Alonso Lara starred in a spectacular solo.

Besides that, Secondary 4 students did a yoga demonstration led by Mr. Moita, that everyone did together.

After the demonstration, they shared an afternoon snack together to celebrate the moment of closeness and conviviality.

The icing on the day was set by Primary 4 students who will make First Communion this year at the School singing some Christmas carols with Mr. Morgado on guitar.

It proved to be an emotional and inspiring experience that served to visualise once again the diversity and necessities of our society.

Thank you for your enthusiasm and collaboration.



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