cabecera_deportesA framework of academic development that encourages students to perceive and understand the connections between traditional disciplines and the real world

The pedagogical action of the Secondary Project has the pupil as its protagonist. The objective is to acquire knowledge, developing their own skills and procedures that allow them to solve problems, undertake and develop projects, always in an international and global context full of challenges and opportunities.

Teaching in Secondary starts with a participatory and dynamic process where the pupil learns, thinks and acquires knowledge with his colleagues and an excellent team of professionals educates them, guides them and equips them with.


The Secondary Education project addresses the needs of pupils in a key stage of their life, adolescence, thus reinforcing their education in values from three perspectives: civic, ethical and supportive.


At the end of this stage the pupils attain a very advanced communicative competence in language, many of them finishing secondary school with official qualifications from Cambridge and YCT or HST level C1 in English and B2 of Chinese. Yago School promotes innovative and contrasted didactic strategies like cooperative work in all subjects in such a way that it favours teamwork and interaction with classmates, project-based or problem-based learning (PBL), Flipped Classroom, where the pupil is the protagonist of learning and research at home and class work; Yproject incorporates the iPad as a tool to work in the classroom to get the most out of digital and multimedia skills.

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