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We are pleased to inform you that we have equipped our Infant and Nursery teachers with medically approved semi-transparent masks in response to the need of the youngest children to communicate better with their teachers. This is an initiative led by the Guidance department who had been working on the idea for some time, as the situation related to the Covid-19 pandemic has forced us to think of new ways to care for our students in special and effective ways.

We started the school year by increasing the number of classes taught outdoors and have also built wonderful nature classrooms, or “cabins”, that make this year truly unique. In addition to these initiatives, we are currently using another type of mask that will allow us to transmit more to our students, to reach them more clearly, and to allow better visibility; now, “they can see us smile, vocalize, and appreciate all our gestures in order to communicate better” says Ms. Marina Beltrán, school Pedagogue and Speech Therapist. The bond between our teachers and students becomes stronger, as we transmit a lot of information via our facial expressions that complements what we say . “That is why, as soon as we learned that there were masks that were approved in Spain, we set out to get them”, says Ms. Natalia Urigüen, head of our Counselling & SEN Department. Teachers in Infant and Nursery have been using semi transparent masks for a week now, allowing them to continue working on all aspects of development at these early ages.

These masks are also a fundamental and differentiating element in order to meet the specific needs of educational support; they are a tool that facilitates our intervention with students with language delays, as they favor lip reading and allows them to focus more attention not only on what we say, but how we say it.

At Yago, we put our best effort into the use of resources that promote and stimulate the language acquisition of our students and, if a resource also allows us to smile together, what more could we ask for?


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