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Open Doors Day for parents 2018

Just like every year around this time, we invite the parents of our students to share a morning with us so they can see how the children work in our facilities.

showclass2018 yago schoolIMG_20180221_103739

This year we informed the parents about which classroom each teacher would be in so that they could check not only how their children were working but also the evolution of students in different stages and subjects.

In this way, the parents were able to attend Wake and Shake, Chinese, Physical Education and STEAM in Infant 3, English, Music and STEAM classes in Infant 4, and English, Robotics and STEAM in Infant 5.



In Primary the parents learned about the following subjects: Natural Science, Social Science, English, Music, Mathematics, Language, Art, PE, Design & Technology in our Lego Innovation Studio-Robotics and Drama & Public Speaking, where teachers were using innovative methodologies to develop the multiple intelligences such as Gamification, Entusiasmat, Cooperative learning, PBL, Team Work, singing and piano lessons …


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Finally in Secondary parents attended the laboratories where Biology and Chemistry classes are given, the Art Studio, full of impressive paintings and crafts made for the Around the World in English Week, and Piano, Physical Education, English, Geography and History lessons as well as Technology where the students were using 3D design programmes, AUTOCAD and robotics …

SHOWCLASS2018IMG_0148SHOWCLASS2018IMG_0092SHOWCLASS2018IMG_0103showclass2018 yago schoolIMG_20180221_112148showclass2018 yago schoolIMG_20180221_112055

In short, parents could see first-hand the very different and enriching education that their children receive in an unbeatable environment and the high level of bilingualism in the school and how students learnt to work as a team, through New Technologies, doing experiments and projects, playing the piano … always happy in a privileged environment that promotes personal, social and academic growth.

Thank you all for sharing this experience with us!

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