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Ms. Martínez, Head of Primary and Head of the Spanish Language and Literature at Yago School, promotes a new challenge each year. This school year this department has developed a project to get the habit of reading from Infant to Secondary.

We started thinking of ideas to get the children reading this term. We all agree that as well as reading individually in class, we need to encourage students to read for pleasure in the school from the infant Department all the way up to Secondary.

We are going to try to wet their appetites for reading here in the School and also we need the support from their families too to encourage them to `want` to read and to enjoy it.

So we have come up with a project called `Se va a liberar un libro’, which is a motivating and intuitive idea. Everyday we will give the students clues so they can find hidden books in the School.

This makes it mysterious and interesting for the students and will, hopefully awake their interest in books and reading.

Every Monday there will be a notice on the board from the Language Department stating that there is a book that they need to find …

On Tuesday another clue will appear…


On Wednesday, the classes from I5 to S3, will be assigned to look for the book. The book will be chosen especially for their level and the age of the students.

On Friday, the student that found the book will have their photo on the noticeboard and they will get the book as a prize and they need to show us that they have read it! Once they have read it they will be recorded making a little summary of the book, the plot and the characters.


The first student who found a book was Maria Martin Gezza! She was awarded a House point for this, well done!

We started this last week  and it has been a success.  We must remember that ‘reading’ is an important part of life and School life too. We must be an essential part of the students reading habits and encourage them to read as much as possible so it becomes part of their daily lives.

Let’s help them to read!




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