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If there’s something important in a school it is its Human Resources; the group of people who work in it, and especially their teachers.

They are transmitters of values ​​and knowledge, and the most direct responsible for the teaching-learning process of students, their progress and their successes. That’s why we do not consider it an exaggeration when we say that they are our most precious and valuable asset. And we want to recognize all of them for their daily effort, and impeccable work at the School.

Today we highlight two teachers who have been emerging since they joined Yago School. Thanks to their qualities, capacity and professional preparation they have just taken over the leadership of two departments:

Mr. Vincent, Head of IT, is a Computer Engineer and has a MAES in the Technology specialty.

Mr. Vincent has plenty of training and desire to lead such a relevant department for a school as innovative and technological as Yago is. He has taken over Mr. Villar who continues to lead the Department of Educational Innovation.

Ms. Bell, our new Head of Science. The subjects included in this department, are Biology, Physics, Chemistry, Science and SAS (Environmental Systems and Societies). She has a degree in biology, with a doctorate in molecular biology. She has also dedicated some years working in the research departments of the most prestigious institutes in the UK and Spain and has participated in university and postgraduate teaching at the Universities of Cambridge and Seville. Her outstanding career adds up to the great work done in the classroom and in the laboratory and she well deserves this appointment.

Also since the beginning of this 2019/2020 course, we have implemented a new initiative called “Distinguished Staff Member”, with the aim of recognizing the behavior and achievements of outstanding members of our great team every month.

We introduce you to the three people who have already enjoyed this award up to this date.

#DistinguishedStaffMember of October

Mr Miguel Montiel, our Head of Music.

Thanks Miguel for your commitment, your example, your special dedication to the students and for contributing in a remarkable way to keep the Staff together and continuing to share our joy and our dream. Keep it up.

#DistinguishedStaffMember of November 

Mr. Curro Villar, our Head of IT and Teaching Innovation.

Mr. Curro has not stopped a single day showing his commitment, dedication, joy, professionalism, and enthusiasm. Curro permanently motivates us to continue growing in Methodological Innovation and Technology, among others. He is one of the motors of the school, often postponing his personal and family interests. We are ALL very grateful for that.

December #DistinguishedStaffMember of December

Ms. Cristina del Peso, Infant 3C Tutor

Cristina has been demonstrating since the day she joined the school such dedication, commitment, professionalism, devotion to the children and her colleagues that make her deserve this distinction. She hasn’t stopped training, growing in her career, and therefore has become a reference for all of us. In addition, everything has been done in silence, from her discreet prudence and her very correct forms to her always big smile. Congratulations Cris. Thank you for being as you are and for giving YAGO so much.

We do not want to finish this article without mentioning three more teachers who are especially committed to the values ​​we promote through our House System. Cheerful, grateful, supportive, committed, innate leaders. We present you the fantastic Housemistress of our Houses:

  • Sussex Housemistress: Ms. Gomez
  • Larch Hill Housemistress: Ms. Strada
  • Stradbrook Housemistress: Ms. White

They are responsible for leading and organizing our Houses, enriching a fundamental part of the students’ lives in the bilingual international school of Seville, Yago School.





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