Summer Camp en nuestra guardería Yago School Nursery

by | Jul 23, 2021 | Yago School

During the month of July we have dressed the wonderful facilities of our summer Nursery, so that the little ones of the school can continue to enjoy their place of reference but with aquatic activities and full of color and fun.

It is being a very entertaining and playful Summer Camp in which our students are experiencing new activities and fun moments using water, sand, paint, recyclable materials, small pools and even had a bouncy castle with which they had a great time!

Another great experience is the dining room. A new menu with fresh dishes to try new flavors and textures.

We love that our children can continue learning English and Spanish with a routine and order combined with novelty, creativity, freshness and emotions, a peace of mind for all those parents who are still working during this month!

Once again this year we can say that it has been a great experience that our children have certainly enjoyed.

Next week we will put the final point and we will do it with some more surprises that children and adults will enjoy before going on vacation to recharge batteries to reopen our doors again on September 1 with great enthusiasm and eager to start a new course.

Be sure to apply for your place in September!


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