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There is an exciting feeling in the school about volleyball, a sport that was brought to Yago School two years ago by a group of pupils.

Last volleyball match in YagoLast Sunday the group of pupils from the volleyball extra-curricular activity had the opportunity to face a team in the Alevín category, Club Palestra Voley Sevilla . Their passion for this exciting sport grows at a dizzying speed and is generating a great atmosphere among the players. This was one of their first matches and the result of the experience was fabulous. Our girls form a cohesive team, full of energy and will to win, a team that is gaining in experience and shows more and more knowledge of the techniques and the rules of the game. The next step will be to start competing in the League of Catholic Schools in Seville next year.
Last volleyball match in YagoLast volleyball match in YagoLast volleyball match in Yago

The girls played very well, trying to play at all times with three touches of the ball, and both they and the players from the other team were very even in terms of results. Win or not, the most important thing is to keep enjoying your hobby and learn and share all the values that this sport can give you.

Congratulations to them and their families for supporting this great activity!


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