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Writing Workshop in Yago

At Yago, we have created a new writing workshop. Writing is the prelude to learning and a vital skill for developing attention, concentration, memory, organisation and methodology.

Writing workshop in Yago School.

Without the essential psychomotor development that is associated with writing, children would have less ability to assimilate subjects and learn material.

Learning to write is a dynamic process where creativity is very important. “Sometimes we do not find inspiration to start a story, then somebody gives us an idea, and everything changes … we just needed a little push.” This is the purpose of this written expression game.

It is certainly a fun way to create a story, a poem or a song. And it is an exercise that stimulates the development of divergent thinking, giving them the opportunity to grow up as autonomous, self-confident, decision-making beings, and thus educate them for life and not just for the moment.


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