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At Yago School we have spent years experiencing the many benefits that our math project, enriched with Entusiasmat, offers our little ones.

EntusiasMAT is a program that works on mathematical concepts from an early age to help children to become familiar with mathematical concepts and to facilitate learning.


A correct brain organization at an early age influences the most elementary learning processes in a very beneficial way for the students and allows the prevention future difficulties. Therefore, EntusiasMAT’s early stimulation program not only stimulates but structures the mind, so that it facilitates the understanding of future learning.




The organization and structure of the material allows us to internalize different mathematical concepts such as natural, decimal, integer, rational numbers; the metric system; functions and graphs; geometry; solving problems; probability, statistics and estimation immediately from very early ages.

Therefore, all these concepts that have been introduced from the beginning, are repeated, always present and adapted to the maturation level of each age.  EntusiasMAT allows children to return to concepts that have been worked on again and again throughout the educational process with new activities and strategies. In this way, students become familiar with mathematical contents that, sooner or later, they should know and understand in a more close, meaningful and real way.


All this has repercussions on the student’s good neurological development and favors the organization and mental structure.

Thus, when the student in the future must learn a concept which is in principle complex, they do not find it difficult since they have worked continuously, gradually and in a variety of significant situations that facilitate their understanding and application. This type of methodological proposal facilitates the best observation of the progress, since it allows children to put into practice their problem solving abilities or to create products in different contexts.



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