by | Feb 10, 2020 | Projects

These last two weeks we have being working on our “Food Truck Festival” project. During this time, students have had the luck and pleasure to learn about different cultures from different parts of the world.

In this project, we have covered 9 countries where the English language is one of the most prominent languages spoken. From Namibia, Kenya, the USA, Nigeria, Scotland, Malta to Australia, India, and Jamaica, the children have experienced and learnt about the most specific aspects of these countries, such as the most typical foods, crops, currency, location, and the different ways they cook food. They’ve had a lot of fun putting on their chef hats this week.

It is important that students learn about the food we eat daily and its importance for our health, taking into account the preparation and the cooking process. For this reason, one of the most relevant activities of our project was the trip to the Triana market, as well as recreating our own market here at school.

Thanks to the different thinking skills we have carried out in different activities, students have been able to use their most critical and effective thinking to answer questions about these countries and their peculiarities.

As a final product, we have concluded with our appetizing and fun “FOOD TRUCK FESTIVAL”. On Friday February 7th, our students were lucky to be able to share with their parents everything they have learnt and put into practice during these past two weeks at school.

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