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Recomendaciones para la plataforma online de Yago School

Today we start Yago School Online, a platform through which we remain connected with our students during the entire period of the state of emergency and confinement that the Spanish Government has marked. We know that it will be a different process, but with desire and excitement, our students from the Nursery stage to DP1, will be able to continue learning, facing challenges and acquiring knowledge under the guidance of their teachers.
We know that to be able to carry out homeschooling, students must carry out some routines and habits that will help them to be organized with their tasks, to be calm and what is more important, to feel safe. At Yago School, we have drawn up a daily timetable for our Infant students, which includes a schedule of meals, work, sleep, physical activity and games.

The repetition of consolidated daily routines give rise to a series of benefits that have a direct effect on our children. In this way, a student who follows the day’s routines day after day, will be orderly and organized, which will make him or her feel secure because he will know what the day ahead will consist of.
We cannot forget that in addition to work and study time, there must be a good foundation of personal hygiene, food, play and sleep behind it, which will make it possible for that schedule to be fulfilled and for them to learn in a suitable environment in which all these habits will be covered.
Let’s take advantage of these days to have fun with family, working on everything that the frenetic pace we usually have does not allow us to do. At Yago School, we are committed to our families, so we will continue to accompany you in the process of educating your children.
Please also keep an eye on our RRSS, where we will be posting a summary of our day and providing you with fun activities with which to enjoy these days of family togetherness!
Now more than ever… We are Yago!

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