Ukraine Project

by | May 24, 2022 | The Yago Foundation

At Yago School we always try to be up to the circumstances and since the tremendous conflict in Ukraine arose, which has marked us all, we could not do nothing about such a tremendous situation.

The Yago Foundation quickly began to work. We contacted the Ukrainian Church in Seville and managed to prepare everything for the arrival of our wonderful Ukrainian families, thanks to the quick and enormous generosity of the members, parents of the school, entities of all kinds and friends of the Foundation. It has turned out to be an incredible experience for our whole educational community. 

We have helped several families by providing them with housing, utilities, medical assistance and everything necessary for their living, and many Ukrainian pupils are now part of Yago School. At this stage of the school year it seems as if they have been with us all their lives. All our children are perfectly integrated, making great progress with the Spanish language and they seem to be happy. Thanks to the support of the translators we have hired to teach them Spanish and help them with their integration, to the teachers, to our Counselling Department, to their classmates and, in general, to all the staff at Yago School, they have managed to switch off a little from the drama that their country is suffering.

We are very proud of our students. It has been them, thanks to their generosity, gentleness and love, who have made the full integration of our Ukrainian children possible with great pride.

And we continue working on this project to do our best. This weekend a trailer left to Ukraine, this trailer is the 138th of all the ones that have left for Ukraine since the war started. They departed from FIBES, where the Ukrainian Church of Seville has its centre for receiving, classifying and sending goods for Ukrainian families who are still in their country and in bordering countries. Specifically, ours is going to Lviv, a Ukrainian city located in the west of the country, 70 kilometres from the border with Poland. Loaded with basic products provided by our families and friends, as well as hospital beds donated by a hospital in Seville.

Without any doubt, all our solidarity actions are possible thanks to all the members of the Yago School Foundation who, thanks to their support, are making it possible for The Yago Foundation to contribute towards this hard and unjust war that we don’t know when it will come to an end.

We are still here, fighting this horror with LOVE and dedication, which is the only way to partially overcome the terrible consequences of these conflicts. 

Many thanks to all the community of The Yago Foundation for their help and commitment.

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