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valores sinceridad y humildad

As you know, each month we work on different values and during the month of March we focused on the values of sincerity and humility.

Sincerity is a quality developed by the person who, by nature, tends to live in society in an affable, stable and balanced way. It is a question of each child showing themselves as they are, telling the truth, inspiring confidence in themselves, and being congruent with their words and responsible for their actions, honest and honourable.

Humility is not considering oneself more important than others. It is to think that the needs of others are also important. It is admitting ones own mistakes and learning from them. A person who is humble will make the effort to listen to and accept others. The more you accept others, the more you will hold those people in high esteem and the more you will listen. A word said with humility means the same as a thousand words.

In order to instill these values, the Infant teachers held an assembly with many activities, games, songs and a fantastic animated reading of Prince Pitt, where disguised teachers put the values of the month on stage.

valor sinceridad y humildadIn addition, each course has created a tree with branches where “values” flourish. Each time a child shows a value with their behaviour, they have the opportunity to put their name on the corresponding branch.

Finally, thousands of “stars” that reflect qualities such as humility, kindness, affection, sensitivity, respect and sincerity overflow our classes and corridors.

Sincerity and humility are essential values for coexistence that require the effort and commitment of all members of the family. Even in the most discouraging moments, the idea must prevail that lies and haughtiness obscure and truth, and humility enlightens.


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