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Presentación del curso escolar 2017/2018 Yago School from Yago School on Vimeo.

Yago School once again thrilled parents in their traditional and joyful presentation to inaugurate the new school year.

After the long summer holidays, the management team and teachers at the international, bilingual Yago School inaugurated the 2017/2018 school year as usual, with a special act where they shared their joy, strength, energy and professionalism with the parents.

orquestaYagoSchoolThe teacher musicians from the School led by Alejandro Vega opened the act performing a song by Stevie Wonder while all the staff entered the auditorium dancing to the melody.

Mr. Resa, Chairman of Yago School gave a speech highlighting the many milestones and achievements achieved by the school in 8 years and outlining its international projection in the medium term. After presenting the management team that accompanied him at the table the teaching staff then introduced themselves individually.

Reyes MelgarejoThe event concluded with speeches by the Secondary, Primary, Infant and Nursery coordinators who presented the news about their stages. Finally the parents were able to meet the tutors and subject teachers of their children in the classrooms.

In short, it was a unique act where all the participants transmitted the happiness with which they work everyday, and in this way they showed the joy, the motivation and the effort they make to excite children to the parents.


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