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The headmaster of Riddlesworth visit Yago School

Last week we had the pleasure of a visit from Mr. and Mrs. Cochrane, the headmaster of our sister school in England, Riddlesworth Hall, and his lovely wife.

The visit, from the 14th to the 18th of October, was full of endearing and unforgettable moments. On Friday 14th, the Headmaster had the opportunity to see our Nursery and were impressed with the fabulous facilities, technological equipment, outstanding care of the babies and the quality of English taught.

Mr Cochrane, headmaster
Mrs Cochrane, headmaster

On Monday 17th they visited the Senior School. They started by having a tour of the classrooms, where they had the opportunity to greet the staff and pupils, taking an interest in their progress. Later pupils in P4 and P6 attended classes in English geography taught by Mr. Cochrane himself. The day concluded with a special Assembly that was started by a performance by the school choir. After Mr. Resa and Mr. Cochrane had spoken, Javier Iñigo (P6), who has enjoyed four stays at Riddlesworth, shared his experience with the school. The Cochranes also greeted the more than 40 students who have spent time in their school, and encouraged all the children to try to have the experience if possible.


It was, without a doubt, a very special and enriching visit that everyone will remember. Yago School and Riddlesworth continue strengthening their partnership and pupil exchange programme.

We hope to see you again soon!

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