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In these times of remarkable growth in specialization and internationalization, helping our students in the transition from school to their future professional life is paramount in our educational project. This help in the transition from school to professional or university life is one of our key goals on the eve of our first graduating class next year. 


The first class of students at Yago School is already in their first year of Baccalaureate and our Guidance team is working to pass on knowledge of professions in the job market, the skills and vocations associated with them, and the options they have to access universities anywhere in the world. To this end, we have different mentoring and professional practice programs, participation in university fairs, and agreements with partner companies specialized in university access.

Furthermore, we are in a changing world, where the professions that are currently known are in a continuous process of transformation and where it is predicted that a large percentage of those that exist today will have disappeared in the same way that some that are not known today will appear. At first sight, it may seem crazy and unstable, but what we are clear about is that our student training must be the best in all aspects so that they can face everything with security, integrity, and successful preparation.

Why does this happen? What can we do to face this constantly evolving world in a positive way? Well, at Yago School we have made a good start. We firmly believe that our students are receiving an excellent education in all aspects. An essential academic formation to be able to access the university they want, and a solid human formation with solid values. 

Our Sen & Guidance Department does this throughout their school years and as they begin their secondary education; there are many tests and meetings that are aimed at guiding our students vocationally and professionally. 

On the one hand, in many cases we find students who are presented with so many paths, that they do not know which to choose, and who are at an age when many lack the maturity to make decisions that can condition them for life. It is for this reason that the work carried out by Ms. Monique, together with the rest of the Guidance team, is fundamental. Accompaniment, guide, and coordination between all that make the best way to follow; first of access to the university for later access to the job market. 

With the first promotion of First year of Baccalaureate about to conclude its first year, we organizaed and received a visit from EPRO360This company with which we collaborate, made a presentation to our students and families about different academic scholarships in the United States. It is a very interesting option and opportunity, carried out by this company that has great international prestige.

On the other hand, we present these Webinars offered by Srtfairs,

a very qualified company that connects educational institutions with prestigious universities around the world. During the month of June, as you can see in the calendar they propose, there are all kinds of webinars focused on letting our students know what other institutions do. We recommend that you register to all those you are interested in. 

In addition, there are many other actions planned that will take place before the end of the next school year and that will guarantee that all students and families are well advised and, what is even more important, that they don’t feel alone throughout this process that will be the beginning of a new personal journey.

Our goal at all times is to offer as much information as possible on how to access a university in any country in the world and, of course, in Spain, which will be accessible to a very high percentage of our students.

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