We celebrate International Internet Day with WomANDigital

by | May 17, 2022 | Design and Technology, Orientación, Secondary, Yago School

We celebrate International Internet Day with WomANDigital. This Andalusian commitment for science and technology aims to promote gender equality and encourage participation in the ICT sector.

Today, under the slogan “The role of women in the development of the Metaverse”, experts in the domain have transmitted to our Secondary 3 and 4 students their knowledge and visions of the most current virtual world; the metaverse, a phenomenon that can change the way we work, learn, shop and even celebrate events.

Ana Molina (CEO of Odders), Lola Carranza ( Head of Digital Law and Technological Business at Montero Aramburu) and María José Escalona (University Professor. Dept. of Languages and Technological Systems. University of Seville) work cooperatively and in an open way for equal opportunities in the ICT sector. In this environment of reflection, our students have been able to take note of issues ranging from general concepts to the business reality of this virtual business scenario.

At Yago School we are especially proud of the work we have been doing to develop ICT skills, tools that foster the necessary motivation to facilitate understanding, encouraging teamwork, developing more and better critical thinking, helping to increase autonomy and also offering great and better future opportunities for our pupils.

“Since we live in an era of innovation, a skills-based education must provide people for jobs that do not yet exist and cannot yet be clearly defined”. Peter F. Drucker

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