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The Yago School Counselling & SEN Department is continuing to offer Parent Schools from home, which have received a positive response from our community of parents and students.
Surrounding ourselves with professionals who can provide us with tools to help us deal with this situation constructively is our priority and we want to offer you these little moments where we can share common feelings and situations that have been popping up in many of our homes in recent weeks.
Last Wednesday, we were joined by Teresa Fernández on our direct Instagram channel; she is a professional whom Yago School has known, admired, and followed for quite a while. 

Teresa has a complete profile: she is a Psychologist, Speech Therapist, expert in Early Attention and in evaluation and detection of gifted students. She is also the founder and Director of the Cadis Centre and has recently been appointed as a Talent Ambassador by the Fundación Promete. We are honored that she agreed to spend an hour with us and was so willing to answer all the questions that came up during the Parent School.
Ms. Natalia, Head of our Counselling & SEN Department, directed the live show in which many trending topics were discussed, among which were: the management of daily situations with our children, how to experience emotions with freedom, how to respect all members of the family unit, and generally how to manage this great puzzle of new situations that we are experiencing well, always thinking positively and getting excited about the coming weeks while enjoying the moment.

With simple guidelines, Teresa was able to help us put the situation into perspective and gradually unravel the fears and questions that were arising on the air, something that can seem quite complicated at first glance.

We talked about emotions, which began as a feeling of surprise, or a neutral emotion without any positive or negative connotation. This changed to routine, and a certain feeling of uncertainty, which opened the way to the concern about not knowing what will happen in the future. Teresa made it clear that it is necessary to explain the situation to children and to speak to them with clarity, without giving them too much data that can confuse them; with a simple pattern, they will feel safe. On an academic level, our students have found it easy to adapt to this situation and have had their teachers close by, which has helped to clear up negative emotions and has made it easier to have a marked routine and a necessary schedule.

If something this circumstance has given us something, it’s time. Time to share with our children, time to get to know them better, time to get closer, time that we would never have imagined, even on vacation. It is the ideal time to educate from love, a way of educating where father and mother agree on the model they chose and that they put into practice without any disruptions. Imposing clear rules and being disciplined at home is not incompatible with doing it respectfully, affectionately, and coherently. It is time to give an example with our attitudes, so children learn that different situations like this can be faced together and as a family. It is fundamental to face life with integrity; there is no better example than this and no better legacy for our children.

In the midst of this debate, the question of a return to normality arose. We must not make a drama out of it, and we must explain the situation to children, speaking with normalcy at all times. We cannot manage the de-escalation in fear, as fear can become a tool of manipulation.

Creativity was a fundamental part of this live show, understood as the ability to solve something in a different way than usual. Resilience is therefore all about being creative. Eight weeks have gone by and now, more than ever, we have to be creative so that we do not lose heart and continue with the desire to continue learning, to continue manipulating, and to continue creating and experimenting.

To finish, we analyze the situation and remember the amount of things we must feel positively about. We must enjoy the moment, as we have been given an opportunity to talk to our children, spend time with them, enjoy this period, and mke the positive aspects stand out.

On behalf of Yago, we thank you, Teresa – it was a pleasure to have you with us. Thank you for your closeness and advice – we are sure that many of our families have already put it into practice.

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